Hermitage Farm LLC
Hermitage Farm was designed and built in collaboration between owner and trainer. Owners are frequently absent and need to entrust the care of their animals to professionals who can handle every eventuality. Horses at Hermitage are members of the family and cared for accordingly.

All horses in our care receive daily grooming, individual turnout and blanketing. All feeding and supplements are individually tailored by need. Horses are monitored under a visiting farrier and veterinary program by best-in-class professionals, who are supplemented in emergencies by local professionals who can be with us in minutes. There is a major equine medical facility less than 5 miles from the farm.

Our staff are highly trained professionals who have been with us in some cases for many years. They live on-site to ensure 24 hour supervision - a sick horse is never alone. We use numerous forms of therapeutic equipment, such as a horse-gym, laser, massage, acupuncture, electro-magnetic and cold compression therapy for the fine-tuning the health and performance of our animals.

Training in hunter/jumper and equitation is available from short-stirrup to grand-prix level. We are a team and anyone who shares our values of teamwork, friendship and professionalism is welcome to join us.
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